1. Ahh, here we see the Gold Digger with her mark in her natural habitat.

  2. Weekend at Hugh’s: Halloween Edition.

  3. it’s true love. Of money.

  4. California’s most richly compensated wet nurse.

  5. I’d hit it.

    Then I’d cut her head off.

  6. rican

    He does not need a wheelchair because his air pumped penis is attached in her ass.

  7. Dox

    When did Halloween become dress like a slut day?

  8. Crystal has no idea who Miley is and Hugh can’t even remember what he had for breakfast.

  9. Beetlejuice looks older than normal.

  10. We’d better not see LeAnn and Eddie dressed as this. For the love of God.

  11. AWOL

    What I find absurd is the Playmate is dressed more demurely that Miley.

  12. cc

    The Terminator is at the door. Good.

  13. Meshuggah Tits

    Robin Cradles & Miley Virus

  14. Seriously, this is just fucking pathetic.

  15. She is dressed as Miley, He is dressed as Chris Brown.

  16. lawn

    She knows what it’s like to feel old age coming.

  17. Jenn

    Well, this is better than Kate and John Gosslin, barely.

  18. amanda

    When did Hugh start dating Hot Donna?

  19. martina

    Do they have him permanently hooked up to an intravenous Viagra feed?

  20. Who’s your great great great grand daddy?

  21. me

    Looking pasty and nasty without the infamous Playboy airbrushing. Bad legs

  22. Schadenfreude

    He looks so lifelike.

  23. nemo

    oh, Crystal, my dear D-rated wannabie and gold-digger, you’re way better than that.

  24. Such a cute photo. Perfect for their Christmas cards.

  25. lisa

    I hate you so much for putting this image in my head.
    What has been seen, can never be UNseen.

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