1. Cock Dr

    She’s getting older, she’s married to a doofus, but she still looks hot.

  2. Sodomy_Is_For_Everyone

    Ah Portofino, where they have “The Beautiful People, The Beautiful People”.

  3. GB

    She’s hot for being 75.

  4. The Pope

    The guy in the red shirt is now officially out of the closet, right?

  5. cc

    The girl to the left is about to say ‘You are an obsolete design’ in Italian.

  6. and then the gypsy said, “You will not age well.”

  7. Yoho

    If Kim Cattrall looks this bad in SATC3, I’m really scared to check out SJP.

  8. kimmykimkim

    Is that back-tit?

  9. bbiowa

    Betty Boop after a seven-decade bender.

  10. I’d do her and Sophia Loren.

  11. AnnaDraconida

    Time. It’s a sonofabitch.

  12. lagrin


  13. The Brown Streak

    Michael Jackson’s last performance in Italy.

  14. karmichael

    I KNEW michael jackson faked his death I KNEW IT!

  15. She is 47 years old and for my 2ยข she still looks like an angel.

  16. An Addams Family swimwear line?! Not the way I would have gone but….

  17. Dr. T

    I can hear Sophia Lauren cackling maniacally from here…

  18. so that’s what you get for a $2.00 BJ.

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