1. Derek

    She’s already stretching for the Tyler Perry movie. Now that’s an actress.

  2. Unholy krep

    What an extremely well dressed toilet.

  3. wtf

    damn that mouth has been stretched!

  4. Every time I said I had to piss she kept doing that.

  5. Mr. Clean

    Even I am steering clear. Bring in the Tidy-Bowl.

  6. farting old man's wife

    I bet she sucks the balls on her earrings!

  7. “Hey Kim! Could you act out a scene from your movie for us?”

    “uh…we meant your NEW movie”

  8. cc

    Yes, Kim, we do know how you get here. Tell us something we don’t know.

  9. arnieblackblack

    This picture is aiding my masturbation

  10. The microphone behind her is picking up everything she says with perfect clarity.

  11. pdan

    Not pictured: black dude with a full bladder.

  12. Please, do us all a favor. DIE.

  13. SteveG

    Not pictured: The New York Knicks.

  14. Coughing up a hairball

  15. The Brown Streak

    When will these reporters learn not to eat bananas near her?

  16. Yep, she looks devastated by the impending divorce.

  17. Sin

    See? Someone used a black microphone and her natural instincts kicked in.

  18. Jeffie B

    It’s nice to see she hasn’t forgotten what got her here…

  19. TomFrank

    Is it wrong that I stared at her tits through her sweater and was disappointed when I noticed the bra? I’m sorry, America.

  20. Saddam Hussein. Moammar Gadhafi. Justin Beiber. Kim Kardashian. The cast of Jersey Shore. Anyone else I’m missing?

  21. maknaeluca

    Those fake eyelashes… is she playing in a remake of a clockwork orange?

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