1. RickyLong

    Holy Shit! Look at the terd cutter on that one! Who is she?… I haven’t a clue.

  2. wtf

    yea, that’s a nice ass.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Bend over, insert, walk away

  4. Bonky

    Sad thing about this chick is you can replace her with 10,000 other women in Hollywood.

  5. elaine benes

    She should really get that mole looked at

  6. cc

    That’s a perky bum, a little lean of leg though.

  7. Yoho

    By the look of her hands she must be friends with Madonna.

  8. I would eat that ass like colon cancer.

  9. titsonsnack

    Jesus Christ is she eleven feet tall?

  10. Misana

    she looks hard.

  11. The Brown Streak

    And if anyone wants to see what her face looks like…click the next button.

  12. hard.lesson

    Her name is actually Lauren Boner, I believe…

  13. It’s a new breed of flamingo!

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