1. It’s all fun and games until she un-tucks the package…

  2. Richard McBeef

    When did they start making sexy hospital gowns?

  3. Drew

    I googled her as I had no idea who she is.

    Do want.

  4. I’m thinking about modifying a pair of my jeans to show some side testical, like this dress does for her tits. I wonder if I can get in trouble legally or what.

  5. Tuppy

    Baby’s got back!

    • cc

      Her lower back does look rather appealing.

      That being said…the photog couldn’t have found a better moment?

  6. Hugh Gentry

    would like to throw a quart of hot yogurt on her back.

  7. She’s gonna let her dress fall off her body before she’ll put the iphone down for one second.

  8. I used to own a dress like that. It was called a smock.

  9. Underneath that dress she says it all with a snappy saying on her underwear.

  10. The Brown Streak

    I so want to pop that pimple on her back…

  11. Oh man, is she ever going to stick to those leather seats…

  12. lori

    Skanky looking outfit.

  13. Very erotic even without seeing what her front side looks like. So now that so much has been said, I have one question: What the fuck is she doing disrobing by a vehicle in broad daylight in Miami?

  14. She’s bringing sexy back. Get it?

    Fuck off.

  15. noob

    who is she?

  16. noob

    who is she????

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