1. It’s really sad when Lindsay’s teeth look just like his.

  2. wtf

    not a single f*ck was given.

  3. MJB

    So that’s where Carrie Fisher’s old pre-Jenny Craig face went.

  4. Sort of looks like a cross between Austin Powers and Roy Orbison.

  5. Holy Cow, I thought it was Sinead O’Connor.

  6. farting old man's wife

    where are the veneers????

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Some kid pulled his other feeler off and now he’s going to die.

  8. cc

    Which Corey is this again?

  9. There goes my goddess…*snort snort snort snort*

  10. Yoho

    If he’s looking to land a role in a cheap Halloween movie, it’s working.

  11. the that

    #remember me?

  12. Venom

    Is he growing his hair out long like Ashton in an attempt to get his job back.

  13. tlmck

    Looks like the left eye is stoned, and the right one is asleep.

  14. That’s Charlie Sheen? How the fuck did I get sidetracked to this page? I can’t stand him.

  15. This is what ‘winning’ looks like? Really?!

  16. crash and burn with a gold tooth.

  17. McCamie

    The once and future Nick Nolte

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