1. adolf hitler

    head is lookin bigger

  2. Deacon Jones

    “Help me.”

    • cc

      I’ve seen that look in the eyes of many of my male friends…married, kids, running around trying to keep everyone happy. And in this case, he thinks of George Clooney.

      ‘Help me’ indeed.

  3. After 20 years, Justin Bieber realizes marriage was just a croc….

  4. bonerspunk

    Silly Ben, he thinks a hideous toupee and a beard is a good disguise, no one would recognize him if he just went with the natural receding male pattern baldness. He was the bombs in Phantoms tho!!!

  5. Richard McBeef

    I think he is devolving into some sort of neanderthal.

  6. ArtGirl

    I didn’t know Chuck Norris owned a Beatle wig

  7. haymoose

    Do you think Affleck’s hair hat is hiding the new plugs from his ass?

  8. Bonky

    “Yeah, this is just fantastic, can you tell I’m having a good time ?”

  9. “I love being with these fucking kids. Can’t you tell?”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    This has an Anthony Kiedis “Is he the father or leading them to the van with blacked out windows?” feel.

  11. Bang!

    Looks like the love child of Keeanu Reeves and Ben Affleck.

  12. Neanderthal, fucking Captain Caveman.

  13. pumpkinhead

    I see Ben’s channeling his inner ‘Sad Keanu’ now…

  14. Puss InToots

    Pretty sure he owns a windowless van filled with teddy bears.

  15. Hugh Jass

    the cat’s out of the bag – he is playing Jeff Daniels’ role in the remake of “Kingpin”

  16. Betty

    “Mommy, we found this man frozen in our backyard while digging a pool, can we keep him? PWEEESEEE??”

  17. farting old man's wife

    He looks like a serial killer!

  18. You lookin’ at my kids Skarsgaard?

  19. Just the other day, I was was asking myself, I wonder what it would look like if Emo Philips and GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip had a kid together.

  20. Parenting: so easy, even an Affleck can do it.

  21. TiFrameLock

    He looks like Dave Grohl….not his best look.

  22. wtf is going on here!

  23. samuel

    married life obviously agrees with him…

  24. Sad Keanu: now with kids.

  25. Joan Rivers will soon skewer Mr, Affleck on “Bitch Stole my Look: Peter Dinklage Edition”.

  26. Janice


  27. Venom

    He is lucky he is famous and well known because if I saw him with these two little girls looking like that I would call the cops.

  28. ri

    It’s so funny how the celebrities don’t mind having their picture taken before they have millions of dollars but once they don’t need publicity any longer it’s so offensive. Suck it douchebag!

  29. Jables19

    Wow, Chris Gaines looks terrible.

  30. SteveG


  31. professorstamps

    Soon he will be cutting wood outside of a new home that he just bought with his family. And flip the hell out, Amity style.

  32. The Brown Streak

    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures In Babysitting.

  33. That’s right, Ben. You and me should have both pounded rusty nails through our dicks when we had the chance.

  34. Ben Affleck has just been cast in the bio-pic “The Mumbling Round-House Kick”, which tells the story of Chuck Norris, one-time excellent martial artist and gawd-awful actor.

  35. bethy

    Ben want old life back. Ben husk of former self. Ben scowl.

  36. tlmck

    I think the kid on the left inherited her mother’s evil eye.

  37. I think it would be funny if his next role required him to be flamboyantly gay,

  38. KC

    “Hurry up and pick something, girls. Daddy needs to get back to work at the cotton candy stand.”

  39. sharyl

    Pedobear is on the Move!

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