1. Contusion

    Seacrest…out. No, seriously. OUT.

  2. BigOkie

    Sexy as hell!!!

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Sorry dude in the background, she’s clearly not interested. Neither of them are.

  4. Craptard

    That’s a world class ass there. Does she do anything else, other than have a great ass?

  5. Colin

    “Ms. Hough, where’s your date?”
    “Oh, he and my brother had to go to the bathroom. They always seem to have to go at the same time, isn’t that a funny coincidence?”

  6. I really like her. I hope she continues to find work once her contract with Seacrest expires.

  7. “Hey Pierce, would you love to have sex with the chick in the background?”
    “And Hough!”

  8. “Bye, Mr. Clooney! See you in a couple of weeks! Off to dump Ryan!”

  9. Swearin

    Why is Alannis Morrisette’s much younger and better-looking self in this photo? Is that Looper shit for real?!

  10. Haven’t seen Julianne Hough in here for a while, and she’s still just as cute as can be! Poor thing is still hanging with that asshole Seacrest, and has yet had the pleasure of experiencing me!

  11. One of Hollywood’s last remaining beards. Hope she has somebody tapping that ass, cause we know for damn sure Seacrest isn’t touching that thing.

  12. What are you so happy about? You’ll look like Sharon Stone too.

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