1. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Heeeey got aaaany jooobssss? I neeed auditiiooons man! I’ll blow you for one, i just need my fix!

  2. Quad shot nonfat soy latte with a shot of vanilla and chocolate shavings…just the thing to get the taste of 70 year old man scrotum out of your mouth.

  3. All of America

    Lara Flynn Boyle?

  4. Gargamel

    Pretty sure that is a dick on her hat.

  5. In her hands a skinny latte looks fat.

  6. Little Tongue

    Ally!!! Where have YOU been?!

  7. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    Scrawny chicks in baseball caps just look like AIDS victims…

  8. I’m still seeing penises everywhere.

  9. Scooty3Hooty

    Relevance factor: -10 Dancing Babies.

  10. Must not inhale. Coffee smell has calories too.

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