1. Cocksider

    This guy is watching the ass or the ilusion legs….

  2. Crissy

    Ok, WTF is up with her legs? Is that photoshop?

  3. What the fuck?

  4. Elastic bandage dresses are OUT, the new fashion is the “rickets illusion” tights.

  5. Chris

    Yes, that’s right. I want pants that make me look incredily knock-kneed.

  6. That chick casts an odd shadow.

  7. Cock Dr

    The colorblocks on the leggings creates a damned strange illusion.

  8. So, if the white diamonds were on the insides of her legs, it would just make her look like a bow-legged whore, right?

  9. The guy in back is like, “I lufff deees cooontry.”

  10. Put her next to someone who is bowlegged and they’d spell “Ox.”

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