1. rantatonne

    Camera guy is justly disappointed that the script did not call for a frontal shot

  2. The Royal Penis

    She’s looking pretty MILFtastic lately.

  3. EricLr

    Wait a minute, are you guys SURE I can fly?

  4. Apparently, Michael has let all the large penis comments go to his head (pun very intended).
    Seriously? Throwing Natalie Portman off a ledge just so she can use it as a bungee cord?

  5. So, this is a remake of The Canyons?

  6. kimmykimkim

    Come to Butthead.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Maybe Fassbender shouldn’t go around murdering starlets when there are cameras around

  8. I don’t know what pregnancy did to her boobs, but she didn’t waste any time getting implants afterwards.

  9. Josephus

    Men’s penises swell when they see large breasts. Now we know it also works in reverse.

  10. Troll's Nightmare

    Based on this photo we can already confirm she’s pregnant again. Somebody should tell her.

  11. Animal

    Peter Dinklage, cameraman.

  12. The colour white always makes things pop.

  13. Hopefully, this remake of “Mannequin” will do better than the one of “Total Recall!”

  14. The Pope

    It appears that they’re using the “wind-up” Natalie Portman from the Star Wars prequels, and not the real one from The Professional or Black Swan.

  15. RHawk

    “Ok, you stand right here on the balcony. We are going to leave the cameras, go over there, and shout, ‘Hey, Texas, it’s a Hollywood liberal.’”

  16. duh!

    She’s had some augmentation done. Clearly she’s not one to go Heidi Montag style, but if you look at the shape of the boobs as they’re pushed up, they’re clearly curved all wonky.

  17. icu

    Watch what happens when you wind her up too tightly guys!

  18. Mama Pinkus

    those breasts are NOT natural – even smashed like that the line should be smoother – you can actually see the shape of the implants – nasty

  19. Just when I thought Natalie Portman couldn’t get any more perfect, she goes and gets bigger tits. It’s like she read my mind.

  20. Elf

    “Just before the next take, Natalie took one more look. But it wasn’t a dream. She really did have boobs now! – Ha! That will silence those pesky comments on The Superficial! about a pretty face on a boys body!”

  21. “Portman, quite struggling with me and get in the goddamn oven!”

    • joy

      Disgusting comment. Probably as disgusting as you are.

      • You don’t even know me. This is The Superficial, ya know. I’ve been posting here for years and have seen comments that make this look tame. And I would bet any number of them were posted by you. So in my own defense, try this on for disgusting…SUCK MY DICK, you bull-dyke leather freak!

        PS: I almost forgot…IT’S A FUCKING JOKE!

  22. Jon Hex

    Are we sure this isn’t a secret Daredevil movie?

  23. Phenix

    Um… Nursing makes your boobs huge. She’s probably pumping and dumping for the kids sake. The huge Tata’s are a side benefit.

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