1. 1NDUN

    Typical female driver.

  2. Contusion

    Mayhem is coming. Are you in good hands?

  3. EricLr

    One more bad take and your getting a beat-down bitch.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Chris Brown flipped over those cars until Rihanna agreed to take her bra off.

  5. Wilmer, get off the set. She’s of age now…

  6. Oh look, Rihanna almost naked…how newsworthy

  7. Women love to be victims. “He hit me” as she’s running back to spread her legs yet again. She’s got money as a 1 percenter, to hire bodyguards, to get far away etc…so why go back? So she as a libtard can perpetually carry on her victimhood. Libtards are so STUPID!!!!!!!!!

    • llol

      What a logical take on things.

    • @witandfit, or as we libtards call it, halfwit&unfit…
      Question: What kind of a moron equates a picture of Rihanna flashing her high beams to something political?
      Answer: Someone whose family and his friend are sick and tired of listening to his bullshit.
      Musta seen MItt get throttled in tonight’s debate and developed a shitty attitude.

  8. In the post-apocalyptic age, all the fire hydrants have been destroyed and firemen must urinate on fires to put them out. They do not, however, have to look you right in the eye when they do it.

  9. Rihanna, you’re never supposed to have your “high beams” on in a fog.

  10. Something, something, nipples. Yeap, good video.

  11. Troll's Nightmare

    Is this video a metaphor for her career and life?

  12. Little Tongue

    Looks like J-Lo’s nipple pincher has found himself a new client!

  13. The Most Interesting

    “OK, car crash, fire… When do I get slapped around?”

  14. Fact: Airbags go off at 3000 feet per second. So do Brown’s fists.

  15. Mekko

    How many ties she gotta peep his phone before she learns?

  16. Needs more fire.

  17. Swearin

    Music video? I thought this was one of Michael Bay’s wet dreams.

  18. I’ve seen her nipples so much at this point, that it’s become as arousing as seeing my own nipples i.e. not arousing at all.

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