1. Crissy

    WTF! Wipe off that stupid grin!

  2. Those are two nice Cantina Bowls. I take back everything bad I said about Head Chef Lorena Garcia.

  3. These lopsided juggs brought to you by lax border control.

    (too racist?)

  4. Plays Olivia Benson in the prequel to Law & Order: SVU.

  5. diego

    Girl’s got a rack like Salma Hayek but a face like Abe Vigoda

  6. tlmck

    Hetero top and lesbian pants.

  7. Lou Braccant

    Who is Yennifer Yimenez ?

  8. I like my chicks with less Hamm.

  9. She looks like Hulk Hogan’s illegitimate Latina daughter.

  10. Put It In

    She looks smelly.

  11. Did her doctor have a “Buy one, get one half-deflated” sale?

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