1. Stroke & choke libtard.

  2. He’s channeling Sammy Davis Jr.

  3. BenDoverman

    Rorge Looney at your service!

  4. yoop

    “The Candy Man can, Man!”

  5. Stacy, will you marry me?


  6. The Most Interesting

    “According to my agent, this is as much lip as I can give to the BLACK MICROPHONE!”

  7. “Hold on George… my turn to suck it.”

  8. The Pope

    Banging Stacy Keibler is worth a little Bell’s Palsy.

  9. Wait! This next song, I wrote after I killed a drifter to get an erection!

  10. Don’t know that I will
    But until I can find me
    The girl who’ll stay
    And won’t say, ‘Let’s get married,’
    I’ll be what I am
    A solitary man…

  11. Elf

    - And that’s why I played the Batman, and not the Joker

  12. “Ya know, Neil, regardless of what they say in the commercials, Certs really IS a breath mint.”

  13. Put It In

    Is that a rain forest it Neil’s Ear?

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