1. Crissy

    Another one that REALLY needs to shower. And a couple of months of sleep!

  2. Urvag

    I don’t sign any autographs without my morning cup of beer.

  3. Troll's Nightmare

    Since it’s Gerard Butler shouldn’t it be Good Morning Hangover America?

  4. “Baby mama subpoeana… baby mama subpoena… baby mama subpoena… 300 poster… I’LL SIGN THAT ONE”.

  5. BenDoverman

    Someone toss me a sausage while my mouth is agape for Christ’s sake!

  6. guys, no. I can only do lines off of horizontal surfaces.

  7. Swearin

    “Actually, I said “This-is-Elba!” on the first take, then “This-is-Malta!” on the second take, and then finally before the third take, I went back and looked at the script, haha!”

  8. “I’m gonna open a fast food restaurant in Manhattan and instead of hamburgers we’re going to serve haggis. We’ll call it The Haggis-Gaggis & Puke.”

  9. THIS. IS. NOT. A PEN!

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