1. George P Burdell

    See Julianne Hough out the window and realizes that she has nothing left to offer entertainment industry.

  2. It is alive!!!!!!!!

  3. JoeBB

    The craziest thing to ever invade Poland.

  4. bonky

    “Let me in, Let me in. I need to feed on the blood of young virgin boys. Seriously, I have a photo shoot in 3 hours and I can’t go in looking like this !”.

  5. Inner Retard

    Death Becomes Her – The Sequel

  6. meeps!

    We have our new Crypt Keeper…

  7. She went from “Basic Instinct” to “Crypt Keeper” in no time flat.

  8. Josephus

    “You’re doing it wrong.” – Christie Brinkley

  9. Joe Blow


  10. Hugh G. Rection

    Now I understand why Christie Brinkley hasn’t hit the wall yet. Sharon Stone hit it twice.

  11. You never go full Margot Kidder.

  12. The Pope

    Go on, just try to think of someone else that you’d least want to see, in a place that you’d least want to ever be in, in a country that you’d least want to ever visit. I dare you.

  13. Dox

    Uh… Sharon. I can see your skull. That’s never healthy.

  14. She’s gone to Poland to drain the blood of Malin Ackerman’s family. That should restore her youth for another 100 years.

  15. MIRV

    I like that stain on her left boob.

  16. ruckus

    I think she said OIL CAN!

  17. amir

    her boobs look sad…

  18. cc

    There was a time I would have given her a hot dose.

  19. Kinda mean to post this after a sequence that includes Alba and Hough.

  20. That’s right, Ms. Stone, this essence is PURE Gelfling.

  21. I have to cut her some slack. It’s not like she got old on purpose.

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