1. Not cool to make fun of the autistic kids, Jim.

  2. You’d think this is part of dumb and dumber but it is just Jim being Jim.

  3. There he is; making the face that will in all probability, end up being carved on his gravestone. Like Miley Cyrus and her tongue, perhaps he should consider adopting a new expression.

  4. Dox

    Well…. its about the most intelligent he’s looked in a while.

  5. “Mr. Carrey, what did you look like after the first time you went down on Jenny McCarthy?”

  6. renotastic

    Always wondered when he’d be has-been enough to write a children’s book. Your move, Tommy Davidson.

  7. martina

    Jim is such a waste of comedy bandwidth

  8. Guess which one is the most mature of the 3?

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Jim looking deeply philosophical for once. Makes a change from his usual hi-jinx schtick.

  10. “Like I tried to explain to Jenny McCarthy, no, it’s not a tic, but it IS a predominant family trait.”

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