1. What is this strange sensation? pondered Gilroy, as her hand caressed her chest. It was warm and alien.
    But then he dismissed such troublesome feelings with thoughts of peen. Glorious, incomparable peen.

  2. Bonky

    Damn, six shots of jagermeister and she’s anybody’s.

  3. Always trying to outdo Russell, Katy tries to rally a random bar patron for a quick shag in the loo.

  4. I’ve got a good joke about how retarded that guy looks, but I’m suspecting “Shoreditch House” might be a group home for the mentally handicapped, so in the name of good taste I’ll just say Katy Perry apparently likes fucking the mentally handicapped.

    Sorry, that’s as close to “good taste” as I get.

  5. anonymous

    Was wondering what Brendan Fraser has been up to….haven’t seen him in a new movie in years.

  6. meeps!

    The “Ding, fries are done” guy is doing just fine…

  7. LynxLeopard

    Isnt that the “Megan Fox Flower” Kid?

  8. cc

    if you look in the background you’ll see Sinead O’Connor sticking her tongue out.

  9. Dox

    Shirt tucked into sweatpants: Check.
    Ludicrously large rope chain that’s fake: Check.
    Flock of Seagulls Haircut: Check.
    Notebook filled with horrid poetry and a razor: Check
    Oh yeah, Im getting laid toooonight ladies.

    (FFS, Turtleneck and chain would have been a step up for this guy.)

  10. coljack

    Deep down, Danny was glad the world would finally see the love between him and his Realdoll. Their matching gold ropes said everything she could not.

  11. At first, Mort, the 42 year old web site designer who lived in his mother’s basement, thought “I’m just wasting my time, Katy Perry wouldn’t want anything to do with me.” The he remembered those two magic words…1. Russell 2. Brand. He gathered up his courage, asked if she would like to touch his plastic gold colored necklace, and yes, Mort lost his virginity on that fine night!

  12. I’d have a little boner too.

  13. As Katy Perry caressed his chest, Carl thought to himself, “Hmmm… maybe being gay IS a choice”.

  14. “The power of your breasts is wasted on me, Ms. Perry. Now hand over the microfilm! What’s that? You have pictures of Russell Brand’s dong? I’m listening…”

  15. I cant make out what his shirt says; I see “parking”, but the first word is covered. Hmmm. Begins with an “F”…

  16. “John, Have you seen my glasses?”

  17. Still a step up over Russel Brand or John Mayer.

  18. fred

    Get the shirt that says “Fat Guy Parking” he thought. It will be funny, he thought.

    Little did he know that in 18 short months he would be a fat guy who got too big to wear the jeans in his closet and would have to wear sweat pants every day.

    Not so funny now, is it skinny?

  19. martina

    it’s kind of surprising how un-sexy Katie Perry is

  20. crb

    Isn’t this just a simple mixup at the switchboard of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation and not actually something er, -real; ish?

  21. tlmck

    How sweet. She gave special needs boy a boner.

  22. “Katy, can you tell I’m getting hard?”
    “Ohhhh…I thought that was a Magic Marker.”

  23. “Does my ruddy complexion make you horny ? Yeah baby !!

  24. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    After Katie has had a few drinks, she thinks every & any old slob is John Mayer.

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