1. So what’s on his chin?…I know that’s a setup for an easy joke but seriously?

  2. I see they have his soul patch double on standby.

  3. He really does wear his beard well.

  4. JoeBB

    You better shape up.

  5. Going to the club. Gay club. Cause they all wear black shirts there.

  6. Less swallowing, more spitting Johnny

  7. Freebie

    Just fancy stitching or is his zipper down again?

  8. He’s giving the toupee the day off.

  9. “Siri, Where is Mr. Kotter?

  10. Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist

    “Seeree, wheah is Mistah KotTUH?”

    Fixed it for you.

  11. So we all agreed that John Travolta impregnated some aussie back in the day and Ke$ha popped out? It would explain why he got famous, and the barrel body.

  12. If I was worth $165 million I’d like to think I wouldn’t wear a generic black t-shirt and unmarked black hat. Every fucking day.

    Then again, until I get $165 million we will all just have to speculate, won’t we?

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