1. He looks a bit gaunt. Is he experiencing scooter withdrawal?

  2. I thought Matthew McConaughey was playing an AIDS patient?

  3. He’s got a case of the McCauley Culkins.

  4. How I Met That Tapeworm.

  5. I warned him about hooking up with Janice from Electric Mayem.

  6. JoeBB

    The wonders of the new Meth Diet.

  7. Walking to settle his stomach, a young Hannibal regretted his choice of a cheap Liebfraumilch and canned green beans to accompany a kidney pie.

  8. cc

    Well at least Judge Reinhold didn’t get fat.

  9. That’s not the singer of Lifehouse?!

  10. fred

    Are you sure that he isn’t walking in to read for Frankenstein 2013?

  11. Jentilly

    More like Jason Smeagol!

  12. Swearin

    The ugly, telltale signs of Muppet withdrawal

  13. Vlad

    How I Ate Your Mother…with a nice Chianti and some fava beans…

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