1. Probably the safest way to drive at the Chateau Marmont.

  2. Is anyone sober at this place?

  3. yet IM the asshole with the dui’s.

  4. He’s not drunk. He’s high on cocaine. Perfect condition to drive in. Just look at Lindsay Lohan’s spotless driving record.

  5. JoeBB

    I wonder if the garage at the Chateau Marmont has special retaining walls to protect the general public from all the stoned-out-of-their-godamned-minds celebrities who’ve decided to go for a drive/walk before they OD in their rooms.

    • It’s eight inch thick concrete with Titanium rebar on all sides. it was updated after the infamous Downey Jr./ Sam Kinison bulldozer drag race of ’91.

  6. meeps!

    Nothin’ like a midnight Ambien drive…

  7. Boy, rehab worked!!!

  8. cc

    Hmph, delaminating trim around the windshield. If he’d done less blow, he could get a newer car.

  9. Eejut

    Has anyone in this town ever heard of a fucking taxi?

  10. So this pretty much confirms that the Chateau Marmont is just a giant pile of cocaine.

  11. martina

    I’m surprised that the DEA doesn’t have a substation on the Marmont grounds.

  12. Zac, let’s review some of the driving processes that were reviewed during our group therapy sessions: first you wake up, THEN you drive.

  13. AmstraD

    Is i playing Drums ? otherwise i guess he’s too much in masturbation

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