1. George P Burdell

    I am not gay! [Stomps foot for emphasis.]

  2. Black woman in the background saying it all with her eyes.

  3. “And that is how I got the part! Just like this!”

  4. Dox

    “Stop calling me Frodo!”

  5. He really does see Wilfred.

  6. What the fuck is up with their weird fucker? Every shirt he wears has to be buttoned up to his neck, everyone. Does he have some weird neck diseases or maybe he wears these types of shirts because he is covered from head to toe in Nazi tattoos?

  7. “I told you I’m not Daniel Radcliffe! He sucks dicks and does meth and I don’t do drugs.”

  8. fred

    “Em, ehm, ehm. Honey child, that boy is gayer than a frog in the bayou with rainbow shorts and a bag of penises.”

  9. omg joe piscopo was a time traveler yo!

  10. cc

    The whole thing is proof of time travel…as zomgbie says there’s Joe Piscopo, Lousie Jefferson, and the guy with the glasses who is clearly from the late 60s.

  11. I’m not even in the same country, but God I want to stalk this dude and sneak into his closet at tnight and cut out every collar button on every single one of his fucking shirts.

  12. Deva


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