1. I don’t recall the Muppets reboot giving Janice a bigger rack.

  2. Her idea of fashion is flashing some sort of unclothed body part.

  3. Kel

    Introducing.. my size Hollywood Hooker Barbie. Valtrex included.

  4. it had to be said

    “Minga” not “minge,” dumbass.

  5. This is what happens when you become a caricature of yourself.

  6. ugliest legs in whoredom.

  7. Cock Dr

    She looks like a geriatric transvestite…was that the look she and her plastic surgeon were hoping for?

  8. So when will her “leaked” tape hit the internet?

  9. Forget her minga, I can damn near see her Gary.

  10. Those boobs look fun. For me. Not her.

  11. “Ma’am!! Ma’am! Please don’t lift the dress any higher. No one wants to see that. Thank you.”

  12. Donatella Versace’s let herself go.

  13. meeps!

    Someone call Wayland Flowers, tell him we found Madam…

  14. Over here in UK, “Minga” is slang for an ugly person.


  15. She has the tits of a 19 year old starlet and the face of a 19 year old ham sandwich.

  16. cc

    Flirting with the adjective ‘grotesque’ at this point.

  17. SomethingPynchonesque

    “You guys want to look lasciviously at my lovely, low-hanging labia?”

  18. Dox

    There is nothing on this women that will biodegrade when she dies.
    (which incidentally can’t be soon enough. Not that I’m wishing death… oh hell, never mind.)

  19. yourmom

    This is what happens when we allow kids to idolize idiots like spencer & heidi.

  20. “Oops! I hope I don’t accidently expose my vag!”

  21. Dox

    When you have the tits of a voluptuous woman, and the hips of a 10 year old boy, you have pretty much cemented the case for why plastic surgery isn’t always a good idea.

  22. i wonder if she paid extra for the fakers to look that shitty.

  23. Robb7

    Her legs creep me out — like a 8 year old boy, no muscle tone and jammed into those freakish shoes — UGH!!

  24. lawn

    Gawd, this looks like Witch Hazel’s face grafted onto a Barbie.

  25. Is this right before she went in to chair the latest Mensa meeting?

  26. She has a face that should be threatening to shoot you off the porch of her dilapidated mobile home while you’re returning her infant and its soiled diaper from the middle of a highway.

  27. “Can someone please tell me if my shoes match my outfit? I haven’t seen my feet in years.”

  28. She used to be kind of cute, now she just looks ridiculous. What a waste.

  29. fred

    Are you sure she is not walking in to read for Frankenstein 2013?

  30. everything in this picture s retarded. on it’s own. he curtain, the event, every single body part, every item of clothing. oh, yes, you all understand ‘everything’.

  31. Who’s giving all the thumbs down?
    Doug? That you again?

  32. Ginger Fail

    Heidi Montag is, like so jealous!

  33. We need to start a pool as to when she and Dougie are going to announce their “amicable” split…I’ll guess January 8, 2014.

  34. I’m not even sure this is a living thing. Not sure about the “living”, that is. She’s definitely got the “thing” part down.

  35. RestingBitchFace

    The “minga” show? I’m going to assume I’m looking at a very ugly, obnoxious penis in a pink dress.

  36. Lol

    Oh. My. God. What the did she do to herself. What the fuck was she thinking.

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