1. Cock Dr

    OMG that poor camel.

  2. SIN

    She took the entire hump in her skanky pussy.

  3. Any Guy

    if she looks up its ass it will scare the hump right off it.

  4. Calypso

    This would be more believable if the camel were black.

  5. Venom

    Random Middle Eastern woman taking a ride on Kim Kardashian. Weird.

  6. Boy, and I thought it was bad when a dog sniffed my ass.

  7. A Bactrian riding a Dromedary is a highly unusual sight to see.

  8. I believe that camel just transformed from a dromedary to a bactrian… I’m here all weekend folks!

  9. Biggest camel toe yet.

  10. Bonky

    From the look on her face the camels hump finally worked its way up her ass.

  11. NOT PICTURED: her husband

  12. Now she knows how Ray-J felt.

  13. it had to be said

    Family reunion!

  14. DKNY

    What a hump.

  15. Fester

    Camel: “Pssst! Tell me this broad doesn’t have my hump inserted in her cooze. She does? Dang!”

  16. Deacon Jones

    “Chloe….how much longer do I have to do this?

    This is the second deep-tissue massage I’ve given you this week.”

  17. Panty Bear

    I’d spit, too.

  18. Willie Dixon

    This is probably the only hump she’ll ever have that won’t end in getting pissed on.

  19. farting old man's wife

    Poor Camel in the background can’t figure out which one he is supposed to mount!!

  20. Uncle Phil

    Can herpes be passed through camel-toe to camel contact?

  21. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I thought this was the wise men coming for January Jones baby.

  22. Well, this shouldn’t piss off any Muslims…putting a western porn-whore on the back of one of their women? Get ready for 9-11 times a million!

  23. Rupert Giles

    I can’t believe it took until 430 for someone to write a camel toe joke. you guys suck.

  24. BE

    Not paying attention to the box office fiasco, the KK reenacts her favorite scene from Sex and the City 2!!!

  25. Zoya

    Her ass broke the camel’s back.

  26. slippinx12

    The things we do for family, amirite khloe?

  27. Lolli-Pop

    (Cross Fingers) “Please toss her off a cliff, Please toss her off a cliff”

  28. “Mercy! What smells like shit? Don’t tell me… Kim Kardashian is on my back right now. Augh, I’m so embarassed.”


  30. Stretchy

    She finally found something that makes her ass look smaller!!

  31. What a fascinating creature! The large protruding hump is a reservoir of fatty tissue ready to be metabolized when extra energy is needed. And the camel is fascinating, too!

  32. Frunken

    Only the second biggest thing she’s opened her legs for.

  33. Marie

    Why is it that 99% of us have to settle for the camel’s toe, when the richest 1% get the whole darn thing? Unfair.

  34. Jake

    Obviously Khloe has to carry Kim around because she’s the “pretty one”.

  35. Oz Matters

    The photo reminds me of the punchline: “… because they are full of semen”. Twice.

  36. What has two humps and five camel toes?

  37. Her ass finally became self-aware and morphed into a camel.

  38. Well duh

    And so more Kim K. cameltoe pictures hit the internet.

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