1. Teesa Beeg Head

  2. tlmck

    Not even if I drank every last bottle.

  3. Johnny P!

    She can be very sexy, but here she looks like Toot from Drawn Together…

  4. Nothing says “Fuck me in black and white” like a wall full of Cointreau.

  5. Brilliant! Nobody says “Ambassador of Libations” like a chick you’d have to be sloshed to have sex with. Although Crown Royal at least comes with a bag…

  6. moopy

    She is fucking gorgeous!!!!!

  7. I would fuck her until she was black and blue. She is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. A classic beauty.

  8. Never understood the appeal. How’s that chin any different from the Willis chicks?
    Yeah, yeah, hot bod, blah blah, case in point – Willis chicks.
    And those cold dead eyes, WTF?

  9. Bigalkie


  10. Axy

    Stunning as always.

  11. spartacus

    How do I get to the PEZ?

  12. vandinz


  13. Anderson Pooper

    How does this pretentious skank keep getting photographed??

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