1. jorge

    richard simmons looks terrible

  2. meeps!

    I thought it was Andy Dick.

  3. EricLr


  4. tlmck

    That angry lesbian chick grew her hair out.

  5. Eric

    Ginger Zombie

  6. Contusion

    She’s starting to look like the guy on the package of the cheap skin-head wig you used to see in the back of comic books.

  7. I thought it was that Johnny Wier dude..

  8. Deacon Jones

    Oh dear lord, Kathy,

    Dear. Lord.

  9. Deacon Jones

    She looks like that firefighter in “Backdraft” that got blown through the air and had his face melted off.

  10. Hank E. Ring

    I am so proud of Clay Aiken. He finally made the change.

  11. sexyman48

    Wonder if Bristol Palin will start a stand up act attacking Kathy’s looks?

  12. Colin

    You forgot the “Fred Armisen as” in the caption.

  13. Radadoon

    She has no business ridiculing ANYONE for their looks…. so she baically has no career…

  14. donkeylicks

    This reminds me of all those times she kept flashing her panties and how I became blind as a result. Did I just type that or did I think it?

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    …and you thought Robin Gibb was dead.

  16. InkyBlack

    Kathy’s artificial hip was giving her no end of trouble today.

  17. Ms. Griffin…you need you pull your wig a little bit forward.

  18. Tom Cruise Meat Curtains


  19. The new season of Walking Dead promises to have dozens of big named guest appearances!

  20. cc

    Whoa, let’s hope THAT isn’t all the rage at Hallowe’en.

  21. Her hairline is higher than Felix Baumgartner.

  22. evilstamos

    matthew mcconaughey will even die his hair red to play an AIDS patient

  23. Bigalkie

    And.. She has an ‘ I’m fucking great attituide” Major douchebag.

  24. Since she probably will read this. Get help.

  25. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Who would’ve guessed Dr.Evil’s son had tranny tendencies?

  26. neo

    F’ Twilight … this is proof vampires dont sparkle in the sun like diamonds!

  27. Poor Fred Armisen, SNL is always putting him in drag

  28. So obviously Carrot Top lost his gym membership.

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