1. Frank Castle

    Crack is does a body no good!

  2. Nice pupils — meth head.

  3. jorge

    nice scarf

  4. Look at me when I’m talking to you!

    Both eyes!

  5. Contusion

    Jonathon – McCauley. McCauley – Jonathon.

  6. Netta

    His body says no, but his eyes say “OMFG IS THAT HEROIN?! GIVE IT TO ME NOWNOWRIGHTNOW!”

  7. Great! I feel visually raped now!

  8. Irish eyes are not smiling. And are unlikely to do so again.

  9. Tom Cruise Meat Curtains

    Death Clock? I give Abe Vigoda more time.

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    He’s crying because someone drew all over his chest while he was sleeping.

  11. cc

    Interesting…I was downtown on Saturday and I noticed a sudden influx of heroine dealers.

  12. He’s sweating a lot for a skinny guy.

  13. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  14. glam

    Committing to that Ziggy Stardust role.

  15. oldfool

    Henry the VIII–ball.

  16. baked

    Hey, Nicolas Cage had twin sons? Cool!

  17. In the thumb, I keep seeing tiny white arms instead of that scarf. Creeps me the hell out.

  18. Jeez, Gimli looks like crap in real life!

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