1. tlmck

    “Don’t be makin’ me look like no ho in public! I ain’t no ho!”

  2. He looks nothing like a retired, long range sub-hunter.

  3. “I can SMELL IT!”
    “Jesus, Mel it’s nothing.”
    “Christ it was a tuna sandwich!”
    “Was it Baby Spice? I CAN SMELL IT!”

  4. Careful dude…that one gets pregnant if wave money at it.

  5. InkyBlack

    Well on her way to a Kardashiass I see.

  6. Voicer

    Just lettin’ him know what she has in the case…

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    “I told you to wait in the car…BITCH!”

  8. Lalalala

    How can black people get that jersey orange glow?

  9. cc

    “Don’t tell me that’s a friendly pat on the bum, my erection detector says otherwise.”

  10. Cant blame the guy.
    Also, Knee-heads unite*!

    (*Probably unrelated)

  11. Jamriqua

    who pays the bills bitch! now grab my ass like you mean it

  12. “Get your hand off my ass before I tally your banana!”

    • He’s not? He looks so much like him, too. Well, screw it, I’m keeping this joke up. It’ll be like the jokes I make about Joanna Krupa and drumming.

  13. That Spice hasn’t gotten any less scary.

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