1. Mr. Poop, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

    Didn’t know they made leather diapers…or diapers for cows.

  2. bdog821

    “Somebody order a hog??”

  3. Wow, talk about fat chicks and scooters coming together…

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s distrurbing when it stretches the cured hides of relatives across those lumbering haunches.

  5. Ismoss

    Upholstery off a 67 Cadillac..

  6. “OK, next ‘MOO’ I hear, I’m turning you into a pair of leather pants.”

    “Well, or a back pocket for one of my pairs of pants.”

  7. nick

    That’s no MOOOOOOOOOON

  8. I think this is what broke Apple Maps.

  9. tlmck

    “I’m sorry Miss Kardashian. We do not sell one with an extra heavy duty suspension.”

  10. Contusion

    “Look, I knew I was going to a motorscooter store so I wore leather pants…like a biker!”

  11. Even the cow didn’t have that much ass wrapped in leather!

  12. Troll's Nighmare

    If you ever want to see a moped cry just have her sit on it.

  13. What happens when 32 airbags go off inside a leather couch.

  14. InkyBlack

    Just think, if Buffalo Bill had got her, he could have made his suit in one go and had enough left over to reupholster his couch.

  15. lily

    disgusting pig

  16. Jade

    Chunky monkey!

  17. Is that Kevin James in your back pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

  18. Surely she doesn’t think she’s going to be able to sit on one of those NORMAL scooters, does she?

  19. mac

    Like a duvet in a garbage bag

  20. They had better strip search her on the way out. I bed she shoplifted a scooter between those massive butt cheeks.

  21. cc

    That ass on a scooter? No. Seriously, no.

  22. So, it’s cannibalism if she eats beef, but what do you call it if she wears leather?

  23. kimmykimkim

    Fucking fat as fucking fuck fuck.

  24. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    I see faces screaming for help on that leather…

  25. hoo-ha

    isn’t that Danny DeVito as the “Penguin”?

  26. spartacus


    Where’s Ahab when you need him?

  27. hijkmno

    isn’t it, like, in the 80′s in Miami right now? i don’t even want to imagine the smell that must waft out of there when she peels those pants off.

    • BillEBuoy

      Haaaaaaa!!! Hhaaaaaaa!!! Haaaaaaa! HaaaaaaaHaaaaaa. Like she’s really going to be able to peel those pants off!!!!!!!!!

      Haaaaa!!!!! Haaaaaaaa!!

  28. cuddles

    Kanye’s gonna be pissed when he finds out she stretched out his leather pants again.

  29. Allison Wunderlan

    What’s black and white and yellow all over?

  30. Ronaldo

    Her ass its getting out of control. Since she started dating that douche Kanye she has being gaining lots of weight.

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