1. I hear that fat guy song in my head….

    Da Dump di Dumpity Dump de dump.

  2. Here comes the… food?

  3. jorge

    jonah hill syndrome

  4. Charlie Kirby

    He’s off to Docking Bay 94 to collect his cut from Han and Chewie.

  5. EricLr

    Here comes the middle age.

  6. Ismoss

    Uhmm Kim K’s ass sprouted a head, legs, arms…

  7. He’s upset because he thought he found a bunch of really, really big grapes.

  8. More like Kevin Smith.

  9. Johnny P!

    So now we know they have severals McDonalds, KFCs, In&Out Burgers, Jack in the Box, Krispy Kremes and Domino’s Pizza joints in the Pacific Palisades.

  10. tlmck

    Must be his day off from UPS.

  11. It’s all math. He just needs to be a really really really really really funny guy to pull off this look.

  12. 1NDUN

    Kevin, I don’t recommend hopscotch.

  13. Alpo

    Looks like he’s lost some weight.

  14. Uncle Rodney

    His body shape matches the Under Armour logo..but nothing else about the product.

  15. It’s like he’s auditioning for the modern version of Ghost Busters, but Stay-Puft was burned.

  16. Those balloons are saying to each other: “Man, that motherfucker is ROUND!”

  17. Good God! What kind of CGI magic did they use in his latest movie? He looked almost human when I saw it on Friday.

  18. Tom Cruise Meat Curtains

    I think he ate Leah Remini & Jerry Stiller.

  19. richie

    one funny mofo!!

  20. Patch

    Not Matthew McConaughey (I had to Google the damn spelling of his last name. It would have been Matthew Maconaheeeeey

  21. Bionic_Crouton

    “Come at me bro!”

  22. Patch

    Not playing Ron Woodruff…

  23. Joaquin ingles

    Boom baba boom baba… Boom baba boom baba boom.

  24. Jerry Stiller should give him a bro for Christmas

  25. cc

    This ISN’T some guy doing a new reality show about buying abandoned storage lockers?

  26. Mikey

    King of DAIRY Queen

  27. There’s not a lot of people I can say I’m skinnier than. Kevin James, though, is one of those people.

  28. I just saw “Here comes the Boom” Fucking loved it. Wasn’t expecting anything from it, but it turned out to be pretty good. I was cheering for him at the end.

  29. zomgbie

    im scared.

  30. Bigalkie

    Joanh Hill’s Mentor.. His mantra — If you can’t be funny.. Be Fat—

  31. Sir, you can’t drive your minivan on the sidewal….holy shit, it’s Kevin James!

  32. nastio

    Kudos to Under Armor for tapping into the wide open bowling market.

  33. mbcl

    “your move Artie Lange”

  34. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    When did Kim Dotcom get extradited?

  35. Hugh Jazz

    Apparently doughnuts do taste better than success.

  36. Allison Wunderlan

    Mall Cop II: Undercover at Casual Male Big and Tall

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