1. EricLr

    You had to bring one horrible thing to get in. She brought her chin and he brought that jacket.

  2. Johnny P!

    She probably shouldn’t pose in front of a backdrop that reads “American Horror Story” repeatedly…

  3. alex

    for crying out loud, just look at her. The poor thing insists on being in the public eye and you just know she’s told how attractive she looks all the time from her inner circle…just go into real estate or something. Or better yet, embrace Xenu and go work at the playhouse.

  4. jd

    “What do you mean, ‘What do I do?’”

  5. Deacon Jones

    Maybe it’s just cause I haven’t nutted in a couple days, but she looks hot.

    As in a trashy “if you’re in the band? I’ll suck your dick” kind of hot.

  6. “Gotta go…”
    “Two more minutes!”
    “Really – I gotta go…”
    “You said twenty bucks for two minutes.!”
    “Please! I just nee [CLICK]… OK now you can go.”

  7. American Horror Story: When Two Actors Breed

  8. Tom Cruise Meat Curtains

    Darth Hideous

  9. moopy

    She looks great so you guys should shut up.

  10. The sum sucks

    It’s like someone took a bunch of really hot, anatomically correct body parts, shove them up their butt then took a crap.

  11. cc

    The real horror story is her performance in Sorority Row.

  12. She actually looks good here. Good job.

  13. This chick would go the the grand opening of an Arby’s.

  14. eilliM

    The long hair is more kind to her facial structure. She looks good.

  15. BillEBuoy

    Damn dude. The 80′s called . . . give it all back.

  16. Something just popped into my head…I’ll bet she’s a GREAT piece of ass!

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