1. Ironically, his penis ended up his first platinum song in a decade.

  2. LL re-enactment on Ben Stiller’s zipper scene from “There’s Something About Mary” went over well with the Fresno crowd.

  3. EricLR

    All the crabs in the house say Yeeeeeeaahhh!!

  4. Testes, testes..one, two..three?

  5. “And now to bring out my special guest, Justin Beiber!”

  6. Slappy Magoo

    Yeah, well, let’s see it sing while he’s drinking a glass of water!

  7. joe

    This whole black microphone thing is starting to get too literal.

  8. Is he rapping or fapping!?

  9. Inner Retard

    Say hello to my little friend!… Wait, I know it’s around here somewhere…

  10. How the fuck did Kris Jenner get her phone number in here?

  11. If this is him “performing,” it’s a step up from when he used to rap.

  12. AndrewMacCloud

    steroids , steroids…. who has the tiniest balls in the land?

  13. 132lbsnutsack

    His dick , lil LL, sings chorus on all his albums. He studied at Julliard. Unfortunately, big LL did not. He’s a GED recipient from the school of hard knocks.

  14. “Hey! No adjusting your fly! That’s MY bit!” —Tone Loc

  15. “‘Cuse me while I whip this out…”

  16. Only the O.G., original gangsta gangstas representing it in primetime on CBS, motherfuckers. If Pac was still alive you fuckin’ know he’d be keeping it real on The Good Wife.

  17. “Help! My arms are too big to unzip my pants!”

  18. No, big fella, the phrase is “Swinging Dicks”

  19. crb

    Dammit! Cain’t see shee*t. Weah mah microscope at?

  20. So that’s what he meant by “Rock the Bells”..?

  21. Apparently LL Cool J and his prick have learned to sing in two-part harmony.

  22. “And now, to switch things up… some dick jokes”.

  23. LA Juice

    LL might be in Fresno, but he left his Peen in San Francisco.

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