1. “Were are the french fries? London is in France, right?”

  2. Peter Garrett is utterly unimpressed with either Bertnoy or Londyn, mate.

  3. Best she’s looked in a while.

  4. EricLR

    And this picture was how I found out that there is definitely at least one KFC in London.

  5. Left. Right. Left…..left? No, right.

  6. fred

    By law, Jason Statham has to nail every moderately good looking blond who sets foot in London.

  7. You know damn well she has no goddamn idea where she is.

  8. LLBL

    “Workout Bitch!”

  9. Swearin

    “Wait, yer tellin me the national food is deep-fried halibut?!”

  10. If all of the cars on a street aren’t the same color as her shirt she gets spooked and won’t come out unless you lay a trail of deep fried oreos from point A to point B.

  11. red sparrow

    How do I say “mocha frappacino” in Englandish?

  12. “Love ya, Brit. Do anything for ya, Brit. Anything at all, Brit. Your wish is my command, Brit…
    How about some head?”

  13. crb

    Hey, Enrico Colantoni has to get work wherever he can, man…

  14. Cock Dr

    “I did good video so I get to shop in London now!”.

  15. Uh-oh…I hope she doesn’t come back to the states with a British accent.

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