1. Yossarian

    Apart from my old roommate, Ms. Bonham Carter is the only person I’ve ever seen that actually wears clip in dreadlocks. I had thought at the time that they could never look worse. I have been proven incorrect.

  2. A lovely, crazy lady.

  3. EricLR

    Sorry about the dress. I couldn’t find any Victorian graveyards in the Hamptons with no security guard.

  4. There wasn’t really a screening of ‘Burton and Taylor’ – a guy was walking his dog found her sleeping in the bushes.

  5. ruckus

    I am Jack’s wilted penis.

  6. Dox

    Coming Soon: The Corpse Bride Live Action

  7. She just doesn’t look like she smells that good…

  8. “Ms. Carter, what was the hardest thing about playing Richard Burton?”
    “The Welsh accent.”

  9. crb

    At the very least, her snatch is now one step closer to a set of hedge-clippers, so there’s that.

    Now about that couch you just slaughtered and skinned…

  10. “I have to go…My coven needs me.”

  11. Wow… at least she knows how to dress to keep her man interested… in other women! BOOM! Roasted.

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