1. Odbarc

    Fuck it, I’ll settle for Mexican President.

  2. kushiro

    Dennis Miller sure got fat.

  3. I ain’t no sports expert but I know them ain’t no Reeboks.

  4. joe

    VOoa por mi, si quieres vivir.

  5. EricLR

    Those boots are as close as he’s ever going to get to the Presidency now.

  6. Slappy Magoo

    I’ll be (over here – ouch! resting my – oof! – aging sore -owie! – ) back…

  7. Inner Retard

    He looks like a really confused hobo wondering why he’s there or why he even has to wear this suit.

  8. fred

    “Geezes Kriste. I zought zer waz a ton of ugly Mexican maids to bang in Cali-fornia, but zis place is on a whole noda level. I am being exhausting.”

  9. Does this douchebag really have boots with some sort of Presidential/Governor of California Seal on them? Wow.

  10. AndrewMacCloud

    It’s never too late to become a king..

  11. 132lbsnutsack

    “Those damned baggage handlers!” Peter Dinklage is, at this very moment, somewhere in a giant red chair, wearing a dark gray suit from a men’s big and tall shop.

  12. MFer


  13. The Winchester

    I don’t always drink beer.. But when I do, I prefer it with chocolate frosting.

  14. yeah ahnoold the only people you’re fooling with those boots are the cleaning maids.

  15. Schadenfreude

    Arnold Shartsenegger

  16. Jentilly

    That’s the worst wax dummy I’ve seen

  17. Always unbutton your jacket before you sit down. Jeeze.

  18. “Dese boots ahr fur de ‘orrible dings ahve done en Cahlifornia! Pleaze dohn’t zend me bahk!”

  19. crb

    “In chust a minnut, I gonna show you auwl vyy dey alvez kawl de king’s chaih zee trone. gnnnnnnngh!”

  20. Swearin

    He wanted more Latino maids, so he just went to the ancestral source

  21. Droog

    Aw, that’s sweet. Maria let him keep the Trophy wedding ring she hunted from that planet of really small skulled people.

  22. Fingergod

    Oh great, now they’ve got Lenin’s corpse sitting in a chair. Silly Russians.

  23. AweseomeTownie

    “Oh noes, shit my pants again”

  24. “Vat do you mean, dis is not duh toilet…???”

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