1. Dormant Canadian

    Chris Brown again?

  2. Deacon Jones

    Nice POA he’s got with him. I bet she’s very deep.

  3. Tidbit

    You already… have, Luke. You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister… you were right.

  4. it had to be said

    Semi-literate, broke, with a tat on his face pullin’ that ass. USA! USA!

  5. 1NDUN

    Well, he’s bitten off an ear, stabbed an interviewer in the head with a fork, and punched Fat Jesus. It’s about time he wears a collar that sprays citrus juice in his face when he barks.

  6. DiegoAD

    Tyson wouldn’t listen when they told him he couldn’t bite his own ear…

  7. EricLr

    He got hit by the realization that this was what his life has become.

  8. ty

    Tyson: “I was walking out the club right. Evander Holyfield can out of nowhere and knock me the fuck out. When I woke up, I had this brace on my neck in the hospital. I’m guessing he’s still mad at me for biting his ear off. “

  9. grobpilot

    Seriously? A retired boxer’s pension fund? These dumb shits volunteered to get the shit beat out of them and they were paid millions of dollars to do it. If they’re too stupid to manage that money and end up broke and homeless, that’s not my problem. Excuse me if my heart doesn’t bleed for them. Go out and get a fucking job like the rest of us. Or, hold out your hand and Obama will feed you.

    • It’s true. Every professional boxer makes millions of dollars. Mm hm. Every single one.

      • XGL

        Not every professional boxer. There’s plenty out there that don’t make much. I agree with you about Tyson- he’s an asshole that mismanaged his money. But for some, they can’t even pay their medical bills that will inevitably come because they took so many hits to their head. Football players get one, why can’t boxers?

      • brilliant

        Having trouble with sarcasm today, I see.

    • The collar not only keeps him from biting, but stops him from gnawing on his nuts as well.

  10. zomgbie

    i bwoke my bwertabwey.

  11. The neck brace is the least WTF aspect of this photo.

  12. ThisWillHurt

    “Da only reathon I wearin’ dith neck brathe ith becauthe I don’t want no vampireth gittin’ me. Le’my blood alone, vampireth!”

  13. Couldn’t he have just found one of those “extenda-buttons” so his top button would close?

  14. sandycakes

    eh, who knew he still had enough money to buy good looking ‘companions’.

  15. Gabe Kaplan

    She is all woman from the waist up.

  16. cc

    I wonder who is sponsoring his date.

  17. In trying to find out what the neck brace was about (“surgery for an old neck injury”, mmkay) I found out that woman is his wife. Man, oh man.

  18. Jump in front of a bus again Mikey?

  19. neo

    Is that Heidi Fleiss in the background? :P

  20. Are you sure it’s the retired boxer’s pension fund? And not the retired violent felon’s pension fund? It’s so hard to tell them apart…

  21. Queef Sister

    The collar is for your protection.

  22. bigalkie

    And..according to boxing people.. A really nice guy who is beloved in that community. The exact opposite of Holyfield,universally reviled.

  23. XGL

    The girls in the background are laughing their asses off that tyson is actually in love with a paid hooker

  24. km

    omg look at the trashy, young girlfriend. when will these old timers realize dating young girls makes them look like fools.

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