1. I wander if he’s keeping his pants chained on in order to win Maria back. Good luck, Arnie!

  2. Oz Matters

    I have the same chain for my gerbal.

  3. Arnold doesn’t look too bad…but I didn’t even recognize Sylvester Stallone without his toupee!

  4. K-Tron

    “I guess it wahs a tumah.”

  5. Allison Wunderlan

    Mickey Rourke’s had some excellent work done.

  6. Jman

    I see Arnie’s charmed his way into Ryan Murphy’s next project.

  7. Gabe Kaplan

    Just because he slept with his Latina maid, does not mean he can pull off the Cholo chain.

  8. Andy Dick looks like an actual dick.

  9. cc

    Ey, did you see Bridget in ze park across da street? Ja, I fucked her when she was hot.

  10. Mike701

    Post rehab, Lex Luthor and Mr. Freeze get together to discuss old times.

  11. Voldemort photo-bomb.

  12. km

    he’s a total fraud and a piece of scum.

  13. XGL

    This fucker pisses me off. He needs money so he exploits his family- his real one and his illegitimate one- and doesn’t give two shits about it. And people buy the shit, which boggles my mind more. Fuck this asshole.

  14. “and I shall call him mini-Ahnold”

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