1. Are you sure this isn’t Khloe?

    • karlito

      i think it’s all their asses rolled into one. i wonder what henious crime one would have to commit to come back in this life as a pair of KK’s underwear. YUCK!!!

  2. JennywithaY

    Do the Kardashians just not own mirrors?

  3. dairyair


  4. BigOkie

    Know how your ass is too big? When it’s gravitational forces actually distort the hemline on the bottom of your dress.

  5. BillEBuoy

    Her own ass needs a valet.

  6. Cock Dr


  7. “Its too big to be a space station…”

  8. fireball

    oh, it`s bring an ass to work day?!

  9. When you start getting elbow fat, it’s time to put down the fork.

  10. ThisWillHurt

    Kim Kardashian: Recognizable only from THIS angle

  11. Imoss

    How much do you think she can squat, 2-3 ton?

  12. pavement_smear

    The Special Effects industry just isn’t what it used to be…I swear I can see the prosthetic seam. Of course, to do it, I had to click View Full Size (yes, my monitor broke).

  13. * * * * * SURPRISE * * * * *
    We’ve Been Punk’d! It’s not really her. It’s Snooki.

  14. InkyBlack

    Is that a diaper?

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