1. it had to be said

    Nice fucking look, reality “star.”

  2. tlmck

    She strikes me as someone who would use a phone to talk to someone 5 feet away.

    • Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

      Or one of those women who say “WHAAAAAA” when you’re trying to tell them something in private…

  3. BigOkie

    “No, you hang up first…. OK, we’ll do it together on three… One, two, three! You didn’t hang up either! OK, we’ll do it for real this time…”

  4. sandycakes


  5. She resembles to Geico Gecko somehow.


  7. “No, I’m at the salon right now… I’m getting a ‘Brigitte Nielsen.’ It’s been the rage for a few weeks now, and I just read that it could get me laid by Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

  8. meeps!

    Her Cruella De Vil meets the Joker look is just about perfected…

  9. cc

    Hallowe’en is less than a month away!

  10. Good thing there is a mirror or you would be turned to stone…

  11. She’s still mad at her agent for letting them make her wear that mask through all of Dark Knight Rises

  12. mbcl

    “Your move Ronson”

  13. bigalkie

    What? She colours her hair? I thought that she was a natural beauty.

  14. XGL

    This bitch needs to stop trying to act normal, and act fucking insane like all the Housewives. Nobody wants to see a normal life- we all have a norma life. We want to see someone batshit crazy like Teresa Guidice. Now that bitch is nuts and entertaining.

  15. Her face is busted.

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