1. Deacon Jones


  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen


  3. DeucePickle


  4. ty

    ooh lala I Like!! Boing!!!

  5. tlmck

    With looks like that, she does not need any real talent.

  6. My favorite pizza topping!

  7. K-Tron

    She forgot to put a dress on over her slip. How embarrassing!

  8. cc

    The anti-Sevigny. Thank God.

  9. Tenth fucking place on American Idol makes you a celebrity? Sure she is a hot tomato and all but what a pathetic claim to fame…

  10. Yaar

    Pia, fucka, sucka, we can do it all…

  11. Oh, damn. I was supposed to pick her up so I could bring her over for dinner…shit! Maybe tomorrow.

  12. Very fucking HOT!

  13. XGL

    The sad thing is, she was actually more talented and should’ve got higher than tenth place. I think the fact she’s fucking hot as hell hurt her, because women are evil creatures and probably voted for the fat girl with the decent voice because she’d be less likely than this girl to make them feel bad about themselves

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