1. Rockin’ the PTA, bitches.

    I hate him.

  2. Diablo Dude

    Now I really hate the Raiders!

  3. KungFu Panda

    you spelled douche wrong

  4. Tidbit

    I’d say he’s going for irony with the 80′s Michael Jackson jacket, but we all know it’s his big Goodwill Store purchase for the month with his welfare check.

  5. it had to be said

    Just beat it, Fred. Just beat it.

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Part of one of the worst bands ever.

  7. EricLr

    Kicking it hardcore at the PTA meeting in my Thriller jacket!

  8. He makes April Lavigne look punk.

  9. Sven Golly

    And yet it’s the ETs who get blamed for all the rectal probes.

  10. K-Tron

    The only way I can reconcile “PTA fundraiser” and “Fred Durst” in my brain is if the PTA is raising money to protect children from Fred Durst.

  11. Allison Wunderlan

    Yeah, that’s what Britney Spears said too.

  12. CK


  13. Gabe Kaplan

    You heard Michael Jackson…

    “BEAT IT!”

  14. leelee

    Eddie Murphy called he wants his jacket back..ass

  15. Fred Wurst at the annual Douches Contra el Relevance gala, desperately trying to convey a shade of nonconformism so thin not even he can see it.

  16. Urvag

    Awww look at him showing off his counting skills again.

  17. At the PTA bake sale he said “it’s all about the cookie….the cookie.”

  18. Zero

    To be fair you need a jacket like that when you’re parking cars at night

  19. The irony of dressing like an alleged child molester to a PTA fund raiser is palpable.

  20. Put It In

    Short, old, talentless loser, wearing a “Beat It” jacket and flashing the horns. Nice!

  21. km

    how embarrassing

  22. XGL

    And this guy once banged britney and christina in their prime. How the mighty have fallen.

  23. Much like Fred himself, the devil horns salute is lame here, but still popular in Europe.

  24. Tiger

    It looks like a Thriller jacket, but if it keeps Fred Durst from freezing to death, it’s a bad jacket.

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