1. “I just sharted a little. In my pants.”

  2. Good job at not looking gay…not great.

  3. doogleberg

    Not pictured…cock.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    They get to do whatever they want in January. Santa spends the whole month in bed.

  5. “I see you over there my little Samwise…”

  6. JC

    “Hiiiii Joker!”

  7. Shame he wasn’t swimming with his Mom Natalie that night.

  8. Somebody started playing the “You All Everybody” song from Lost when he took the stage.

  9. His Adam’s Apple is eating his chin.

  10. Mamamia

    I see the Sheldon Cooper look of Haughty Derision is catching on.

  11. You never go full Frodo.

  12. KC

    Someone found his precious.

  13. Slippinx12

    When did Elizabeth Moss grow that beard?

  14. cc

    He should have been cast as a pixie in the Lord of the Rings movies. A gay pixie.

  15. omgidk

    Forehead to chin ratio is not good.

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