1. anon

    Holy shit she’s a dead ringer for Nicole Kidman. Does that indicate Botox over reliance?

  2. What’s better than a perfect 10?
    A seven that swallows.
    Meet Michelle Williams. 9 out of 10 dead Heath Ledgers agree.

  3. These wax statues keep getting creepier…..

  4. She has the creepy souless expression of a leprechaun… or a shark.

  5. Nobody wants to bone a pixie.

  6. Know how I know you’re a ginger? Your lifeless eyes.

  7. Now we know what happened to Rosemary’s baby…

  8. Mamamia

    She is perpetually 30.


    I’m so tired of her little pixie mug.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  10. coffee

    She’ll be cryin’ herself to sleep tonight on her huge pillow!

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