1. Is this the first gay couple to marry in California or something? Who are these people?

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Hugs and a tattoo to remember it by. Life’s good when you’ve got the high score in Mario Kart.

  3. squishy

    Most awkward looking bromance hug ever! And what the hell is that tattoo?

  4. Wedding cake topper.

  5. Is anyone here surprised? Anyone?

  6. Somewhere on the other side of the Internet, a Jonas brother is furiously fapping to this.

  7. Mamamia

    “You’re a little bit country…I’m a little bit rock and roll”

  8. Lord Invader

    “I fucking told you the chinese finger cuffs were a bad idea.”
    “Oh, so spiking the sangria with crushed up Cialas was a stroke of genius?”

  9. Venom

    Nice of Shelton to get a tattoo signifying their undying love.

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