1. Somewhere the Chinese manufacturer of blow-up dolls is preparing to sue this chick’s make-up artist for trademark infringement.

  2. Satan's bitch

    No pair of tits can look good with a face like that at the top of them.

  3. Miss Potato Head

  4. I can’t get over wondering how I’d get the lipstick smears off my floormats.

  5. Cock Dr


  6. Dunno who this broad is but I need to f*ck that face.

  7. Nice business card holder!

  8. Frank The Duck

    “Boris dahlink – is Moose and Squirrel”

  9. Venom

    I don’t know who this chick is, but I am a fan of her mouth.

  10. Mamamia

    No pictured: credit cards and a fish.

  11. KC

    I’m staring at her tits in self defense.

  12. Somebody just pulled out an AMEX Black Card.

  13. Blech

    In every photo of this bizarre chick, there’s a guy in the background silently crying for an aura escape-route.

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