1. sid

    WTF that tat looks stupid

  2. yoyoblack

    i didn’t know screech did tattoos

  3. So THAT’S what was missing to make her look really pretty.

  4. Problem?

    I never thought that someone could make duckface any uglier and more annoying than it already is

  5. Turns out all Snookie was missing to finally be a classy princess was one more tat and duckface…NAILED IT!

  6. DeucePickle

    It’s pretty ironic that a needle is GETTING a disease here rather than giving one.

  7. Haddo01

    Way to go Snooki, now that tattoo shop has to be quarantined. As if the entirety of Florence wasn’t enough.

  8. squishy

    Don’t even sterilize it after, just throw that shit in the garbage!!

  9. Kitty

    everything is thrown out when doing tattoos, rarely is anything re-used…. and if you don’t like tattoos who freakin’ cares. I like her tattoos. and yeah duck face is silly but oh well.

  10. Dude should be wearing a riot mask for protection.

  11. Venom

    Oh goody, more shitty tattoos. Nothing like giant crappy tattoos when your body is the size of a bowling pin.

  12. TM

    covering up them strecth marks!

  13. The CDC finally made her get a “Biohazard” label.

  14. Duck face like that, god knows what diseases… think we found the source of Bird Flu.

  15. Do tattooists get hazardous duty pay?

  16. Mamamia

    Tat artist: You mind using that free hand to pull this skin tight?

  17. cc

    She escaped from the Lady Hoggers once again.

  18. Lord Invader

    The trick to giving Snookie a “tattoo” is to chisel off the top several layers of grime without disturbing the well-seasoned underlying crust.

  19. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    I am a health inspector and I constantly tell my Tattoo artist that the rules actually protect them (they are not the one’s bleeding). I think this proves my point. I hope for his sake he jumped in a bath of hand sanitizer after this.

  20. Sin

    She is either listing the diseases she has or her price list for sexual favors.

  21. The Brown Streak

    This is going to be only a single color tattoo because she ate the other 15 crayons.

  22. KC

    Her tattoo reads “your retarted”

  23. Slippinx12

    Calm down people, its common practice to brand your livestock, this farmer is just being a hipster about it

  24. CK

    her new tattoo says “quack”

  25. Fartofwarlock

    That she is still even ‘around’ is yet another sign of the quickening…

  26. Steelerchick

    Wow – her eyelashes look real.

  27. Way to class it up.

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