1. Blonde

    I saw that coat at babyGap.

  2. Some dudes always work the chest and forget about the legs.

  3. “well fuck you too! I was short BEFORE Dinklage made it cool!”

  4. Bam

    I really hope that the new snow white movie does exceptionally well at the box office because that would mean we would be one step closer to some Hollywood exec signing on Warwick Davis Peter Dinklage and Verne Troyer to be the leads in the Three Little Pigs mo cap movie. With Andy Serkis as the Big Bad Wolf of course. Imagine all the fun coke jokes when he says he’ll blow the house down. It’ll be good times guys.

  5. He must save a bundle in clothing….

  6. squishy

    Life’s Too Short…stupidest, unfunniest, Ricky Gervais show ever and I worship the Gervais!!

  7. “oh, no no no…I always travel in the spare tire compartment to…avoid…paparazzi…”

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Well ok I might fit in one but these days it’d be cheaper to smuggle your suitcase on as a passenger.”

  9. Contusion

    Little People, Big Buttons.

  10. Mamamia

    Little does he know, the guy in the Galaxy can’t see him. This was the last we saw of little Warwick.

  11. cc

    Let’s hope that car has a rearview camera.

  12. The hands are all wrong.

  13. The Brown Streak

    Warwick celebrates his new job as a sparkplug.

  14. Napoupi

    “Oooohh… Banana !”

  15. catapostrophe

    “Does this body make my head look big?”

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