1. is he making a fake documentary about how he’s homeless now?

  2. sid

    is he sleeping? lol

  3. Vegan energy!

  4. Coyote

    And Just like that the Phoenix returns to Ashes

  5. squishy

    I thought mocumentary was finished already?!?

  6. He has T-Rex arms.

  7. SuperSonic

    At first glance I thought he was a Vet with stumps for legs

  8. hbw

    Looks more like Jackin’ Phoenix.

    • commander bloop

      Leg in the air, shirt covering the chub, right hand airborne, left hand pinching the purple helmet, with a look of ecstasy…either this is from a shoot, or he is one deranged mofo!

  9. Venom

    If I saw him on the street I would seriously give him some change, he looks that bad.

  10. He’s rehearsing for his new blues band he’s fronting, Dead Man Joacquin’.

  11. bigalkie

    All I want for Christmas is a set of Happy Knees

  12. Mamamia

    “Coins, coins…can you spare a coin kind chap?”

  13. Juoaquin dead…someone had to say it…

  14. cc

    He was back…then he left again.

  15. The Brown Streak

    Wait until he wakes up and finds out someone shaved his beard off to make Pheobe Price’s coat.

  16. KC

    That awkward moment when you realize there’s no tissue box handy.

  17. coffee

    and we had to lose River for this?

  18. Based on this picture, I would guess that any day now, we’ll see that blue thing in his lap represented in a press-conference by Gloria Allred.

  19. While visions of River danced through his head.

  20. tlmck

    Just finished rubbing one out.

  21. vegin

    looks like he reached orgasm masturbating…lol

  22. At first it was fun keeping people off balance as to whether or not he was serious or not, unfortunately the drugs have turned the game into a real life reality game that he thinks is funny and now he can’t separate reality from illusion. Not your average drugs for this boy he needed to experience the “Leaving Las Vegas” shit.

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