1. Cock Dr

    The love of a dog…the last refuge of dirty rotten cheating scoundrels.

  2. LJ

    The dog looks better than Maria… and probably gives better head.

    • POWW

      The dog looks better than Arnold as well. Arnie probably wishes he was a dog then he could lick his own. What a tool.

  3. Looks better than the housekeeper too.

  4. Arnold shares a moment that only Joel Monaghan would understand.

  5. Nice galoshes, Rain Man

  6. She looks a lot better than his old bitch.

  7. SSHGuru

    “Maria! I’m so glad you decided to come back!”

  8. Ahnold’s widening his horizons.

  9. Bigalkie

    Another illegitimate offspring surfaces.. Oh Ahnold

  10. “Oopsies daisies! How did dah peanuht butturh get in mai pahnts?”

  11. So he’s with the maid now?

  12. pretty vacant

    of course ve vud have to get a nanny to take care of deh new baby…

  13. Venom

    It is true, he is attracted to dogs.

  14. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Will you lay off the hair colour. I’m a golden retriever godammit!”

  15. Sara

    “I know Maria asked that anyone the agency sent in the future be a dog, but this is ridiculous”

  16. Kissinger

    “I’ve had worse”

  17. cc

    Douglas Quaid…and what do they call you?

  18. Mamamia

    No, I’m actually not your father.

  19. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    It is very rare when a man’s taste in women improve as he ages

  20. The Brown Streak

    I see Arnold ordered Chinese take-out.

  21. KC

    All of the people who made jokes about the puppies looking like Arnold aren’t laughing any more

  22. Melonz

    Seems he’s found another dogfaced beauty with whom he will lay, all the while conceiving children with the girl that walks her!

  23. irocksocksoff

    “Come with me if you want a treat!”

  24. Beaniebob

    “Oh yes baby. Let’s do it. Your style.”

  25. Blech

    Nooooo, don’t make puppies!

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