1. I just got drunk off his stare…*hiccup

  2. the zombie apocalypse is here!!

  3. tom cruise


  4. At least he’s smiling. Now about that shirt…

  5. Bam

    Montgomery Burns the earlier years.

  6. The new Hobbit movie went over budget, so they had to dump the CGI Gollum for this.

  7. If he’s not driving an old beater icecream truck playing out of tune music, he hasn’t fully explored this look.

  8. DeucePickle

    I don’t think he had to try THIS hard to get on Celebrity Rehab.

  9. Imagine the make-up budget savings if he was signed up for the next Living Dead movie.


  11. Haddo01

    I didn’t know Bram Stoker was casting for a Dracula sequel…

  12. Bri

    Looks like one of the Uruks from The Lord Of The Rings showed up to accept his Oscar

  13. bimbosmakemelooksmart

    Zombies ARE real!

  14. diego

    Glad to see they pulled Heath Ledger out of the ground for the newest Batman installment.

  15. Venom

    He gets so many jobs because they don’t have to spend a ton of money and time on hair and makeup for him.

  16. is he filming a Beetlejuice remake?

  17. Dracula is rockin’ some plaid.

  18. TomSelleck'sMustache

    Alexander SkarsgÄrd, this is your future.

  19. Contusion

    Carrie Fisher leaving the Lakers game.

  20. Hey, Abe… Where is Munch?

  21. pretty vacant

    thats really fuckin scary.

  22. Scotty No P

    Get back in the painting Vigo.

  23. “Look, you’re the one who got me out in the armpit of the world chasing your galloping cadavers.”

  24. JungleRed

    Not pictured: the meat hook he’s hanging from.

  25. Grace

    Spotted in downtown LA: the joker without is makeup on

  26. Macaulay Culkin has joined the dark side!

  27. Mamamia

    My precious…my….precious….

  28. cc

    Just under 10 months and I can put this picture on my door beside the bats and spider webs.

  29. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Wow, Octomom has really let herself go !

  30. i thought Mel Torme died years ago?

  31. MRF

    Pretty soon and Antonio Banderas will want to fuck him.

  32. VisitorQ

    Quick, hide the women and pets. Mickey only gets that look when hes about to rape someone!

  33. Melonz

    I believe he’s about to drop trou and start running around screaming, “I’M NOT WORTHY, I’M NOT WORTHY!”

  34. Biff

    Somehow he reminds me of Steve Buscemi in this pic…

  35. dontlooknow

    Herman Munster is still alive?

  36. Steelerchick

    . “The Walking Dead Wrestler”

  37. stubbs

    Look ma, guess who just got himself on the sex offender registry!

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